When considering RV toilets for your recreational vehicle (RV) or caravan, it’s important to acknowledge how essential a quality toilet is to your travel comfort and convenience. RV toilets have undergone significant advancements since their first introduction in the mid-60s, and today, they are sophisticated and crucial fixtures in any mobile setup. This guide will help you navigate the variety of RV and caravan toilets available, ensuring your journey is as comfortable as it is exciting. For a comprehensive selection, view our full range online.

Types of RV Toilets: Really? There’s More Than One?

When outfitting your RV or caravan, choosing the right type of toilet is crucial for ensuring comfort and convenience on your travels. There are primarily three types of RV toilets: fixed toilets, cassette toilets, and chemical toilets. Each type has its own set of features and benefits, catering to different needs and preferences.

Fixed Toilets

Fixed toilets are similar to residential toilets and are permanently installed in your RV. They are typically connected to the RV’s onboard water system for flushing and lead to a built-in black water tank where waste is stored until it can be emptied at a designated dumping station. These toilets offer the comfort and familiarity of home toilets, with a variety of designs ranging from basic to luxurious models. Fixed toilets are ideal for those who prefer a more traditional bathroom setup and are willing to manage the black water tank’s maintenance.

Cassette Toilets

Cassette toilets are a popular choice for many RV and caravan owners due to their convenience and ease of use. These toilets have a removable waste tank (cassette) that can be detached and emptied at any regular toilet or dumping station. They are space-efficient and often come with additional features like wheels and handles on the cassette for easy transportation. Cassette toilets are perfect for travellers who want a balance of convenience and simplicity, without the need for a permanent black water tank.

Chemical Toilets

Chemical toilets are the most portable and versatile option. They consist of two sections: the upper part is a flush-water tank and the lower part is a sealed waste container that uses chemicals to minimize odors and break down waste. These toilets are ideal for smaller RVs or caravans, as well as for situations where there are no plumbing facilities available. They are simple to use and maintain, making them a great choice for short trips or as a backup toilet solution.

Discover our range of RV Toilets

At RV Spares Online, we currently stock three different RV toilets from Thetford and Dometic. Read on to explore the main features of each of them and find the one that’s right for you!

Thetford 51696SP C402C Cassette Toilet with Right Hand Service Door

The Thetford 51696SP C402C Cassette Toilet, exemplifies modern mobile sanitation. It is ideal for those who value convenience and hygiene in their RV or caravan. This model features a right-hand service door, a 19.3L waste-holding tank with wheels, and a serviceable indicator for easy maintenance. Its electric flush and comfortable seating height of 437mm offer home-like comfort. Weighing 8.1Kg and including a 15Lt flush-water tank, this toilet is backed by a solid 3-year warranty.

Thetford C223-CS Electric Swivel Cassette Toilet

Experience luxury in your RV bathroom with the Thetford C223-CS, a swivel cassette toilet that enhances comfort and space efficiency. With a seating height of 492mm and a 180-degree swivel bowl, it’s perfect for any space. It boasts an 18L capacity and an electric pump flushing system, providing a domestic feel. The white, plastic bowl and mechanical level indicator make it user-friendly. Weighing just 7.2kg, this model is a top choice for those who value flexibility and comfort.

Dometic CTLP4110 Cassette Toilet

The Dometic CTLP4110 Toilet redefines RV bathroom standards with its sleek design and top-notch functionality. Its ceramic inlay bowl adds a touch of elegance, while the adjustable seat and powerful flush system cater to all your comfort needs. With a 19-liter waste tank capacity, this toilet is compatible with your onboard water system, making it a convenient, plumbed-in option. Its size and 12v power supply make it an ideal fit for various RV models.

Flush Your Troubles Away with an RV Toilet from Shop RV Parts!

The evolution of RV toilets from their early days to now has made a significant impact on travel comfort and convenience. Whether you choose a Thetford cassette toilet or the sleek Dometic model, these modern solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of travellers. They ensure that your journey is as comfortable as it is adventurous, with each model offering unique features tailored to different preferences and RV setups.

For more information and to find the perfect RV or caravan toilet for your travels, be sure to explore our full range. The right RV toilet can greatly enhance your travel experience, providing the comfort and convenience you need to fully enjoy the freedom of the open road. Choose the best fit for your RV or caravan and embark on your journey with the assurance of a quality sanitation solution by your side.