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BatteryProtect 12/24v 65A – Victron

$ 69.00 each incl. GST

In stock

In stock

The Victron Battery Protect 12/24v 65A is an indispensable safeguard for your battery system. It prevents complete discharge or insufficient power for cranking engines, crucial for the longevity and functionality of your battery. This device expertly manages the current direction, either to a load or from a charger, enhancing the battery’s efficiency. Its uni-directional nature ensures that it can be used in various applications, making it an essential tool for those reliant on battery power. Whether for recreational vehicles, marine applications, or remote power systems, this Battery Protect ensures your battery’s health and prolongs its life, providing peace of mind in all your adventures.

Victron Number: BPR000065400


Victron Battery Protect Datasheet

User manual:

Victron Battery Protect Manual


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