Caravan Microwave Buyers Guide

Caravan microwaves can significantly enhance your cooking experience on the road, but selecting the right one for the job requires careful consideration to ensure it meets your needs. As your home of caravan appliances online, we’re here to help you navigate the specifics of caravan microwaves, including whether you need a special microwave for your caravan, how they differ from regular microwaves, and how to secure one safely in your moving home.

Do You Need a Special Microwave for Caravans?

Yes, microwaves designed specifically for caravans are recommended. Caravan microwaves are built to withstand the vibrations and conditions typical of road travel. They often come with features that ensure they operate efficiently on the type of power supply found in caravans.

Differences Between a Caravan Microwave and a Regular Microwave

The main difference between caravan microwaves and regular home microwaves lies in their design and power requirements:

  • Design: Caravan microwaves are typically more compact and robust to maximise space and withstand the constant movement of life in a caravan.
  • Power Consumption: Caravan models are designed to use less power to be compatible with the limited power availability in an RV environment, often operating effectively on lower voltage supplies.

How to Secure a Microwave in a Caravan

Securing a microwave in a caravan is crucial for safety and functionality. Here are some tips:

  • Built-in Models: Opt for a built-in model that can be securely integrated into your caravan’s kitchen setup.
  • Strapping: Use strong straps to secure a freestanding microwave to a stable surface.
  • Non-Slip Mats: Place non-slip mats under the microwave to prevent it from sliding around while the vehicle is in motion.

Can You Use a 12V Microwave in a Caravan?

While most caravan microwaves are designed to run on the typical 240V power supplied in many RVs, there are 12V options available. These are particularly useful in setups where battery power is used predominantly.

Featured Caravan Microwaves

NCE Stainless Steel 25L Microwave – Black

Introducing the NCE Black Stainless Steel Microwave 25 Litre, a stylish and functional addition to any caravan kitchen. This quality microwave features a sleek black stainless steel finish that complements any decor. Available at a price of just $215 and with a capacity of 25 litres and a power output of 900W, it offers all the power and convenience of your home microwave in a package that’s built to withstand the rigours of a life on the road. The microwave includes 10 auto cook features on the control panel, a digital clock, defrost settings, and a child lock function, making it both versatile and safe for family use.

Lippert Slide Out Motor 300:1

NCE Stainless Steel 20L Microwave

The NCE Stainless Steel Microwave 20 Litre is ideal for those who need a compact yet powerful appliance. This 20-litre microwave is equipped with 700 watts of output power and features a stylish mirror finish door and a silver exterior that adds a touch of elegance to your caravan’s interior. Available at a very reasonable price of $188, it offers consistent heating across a range of power levels with its even microwave distribution technology and includes practical functions such as an LED display, memory function, and various auto menu options.

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Choosing the right microwave oven for your caravan involves considering your space, power requirements, and cooking needs. Whether you opt for the NCE Stainless Steel 25L Microwave in Black for larger meal preparations or the more compact NCE Stainless Steel 20L version for basic heating and cooking, both models offer reliability, style, and the convenience of quick meal preparation.

When it comes to caravan cooking, our range of eligible products won’t let you down. Browse our selection of caravan kitchen appliances online and enhance your caravan kitchen today. For any inquiries or to learn more about the best fit for your caravan, contact us. Step up your caravan kitchen game with the perfect microwave and enjoy delicious food wherever your travels take you!