NCE Washing Machine

When travelling in a caravan, conserving space while maintaining the comfort and functionality of home is essential, and an NCE washing machine is the perfect way to do so. In this guide, we’ll explore the benefits of integrating an NCE wall-mounted washing machine into your caravan, and offer a walkthrough on how to install the NCE 3.0kg Wall Mounted Washing Machine, a space-saving, efficient solution for laundry needs on the road.

Why Choose an NCE Wall-Mounted Washing Machine?

Opting for an NCE wall-mounted washing machine offers significant advantages, particularly in terms of space efficiency and user convenience, making it an ideal choice for caravan owners.

Capacity and Water Usage

The NCE 3kg washing machine, though compact, efficiently handles up to 3kg of laundry per load, making this stylish front load washing machine perfect for those who prefer to manage laundry in smaller, more frequent loads while travelling. When it comes to water consumption, the machine is designed to be economical, using about 30 litres per wash cycle. This feature is particularly beneficial in scenarios where water availability might be limited, such as remote camping sites or during travel through regions with water usage restrictions.

Warranty and Support

NCE offers a reassuring 1-year warranty on their washing machines, covering both parts and labor. This warranty period ensures that users can rely on manufacturer support should any issues arise, providing peace of mind that the appliance is a dependable addition to one’s caravan amenities.

Features of the NCE 3kg Wall-Mounted Washing Machine

The NCE 3.0kg Wall Mounted Washing Machine is not just compact but is packed with features designed to make laundry an easy task while on the move.

Multiple Wash Cycles

The machine offers six customisable wash settings, including normal wash, quick wash options that last only 15 minutes, a baby care cycle for delicate garments, a spin cycle, and a hot wash for heavily soiled clothing. Additionally, there is a tub clean cycle that helps maintain the cleanliness and efficiency of the machine over time.

Low Noise Motor

Thanks to the direct-drive motor, this washing machine operates quietly, minimising noise, which is especially important in the confined spaces of a caravan.


Child-Safe Mechanism

Safety features such as a child lock prevent unintended use or tampering with the machine settings, an essential feature for families traveling with young children.

Compact and Ergonomic Design

The wall-mounted setup not only saves valuable floor space but also places the appliance at a convenient height, easing the physical strain of loading and unloading laundry. No need for a detergent container, simply pour the detergent directly into the spin compartment. Additionally, the transparent door allows you to keep an eye on the progress of your washing from anywhere in your caravan.

Installation Guide for the NCE 3kg Wall-Mounted Washing Machine

Proper installation is key to ensuring safety and optimal functionality of the washing machine. Here is a step-by-step guide to installing your NCE 3.0kg Wall Mounted Washing Machine.

Step 1: Confirm Wall Type

It’s crucial to install the machine on a solid wall to support its weight and operation. A simple test with a rubber hammer will reveal the nature of the wall—solid walls produce a clear echo, while hollow ones emit a dull sound.

Step 2: Mark the Installation Position

The base of the installation guide should align approximately 30cm below chest height. Ensuring the guide is horizontal using a level gauge is vital for the stability of the machine.

Step 3: Drill and Prepare the Wall

For walls covered in tile, professional-grade tools should be used to prevent damage during drilling. It’s also important to avoid any underlying electrical wiring or plumbing.

Step 4: Secure the Machine

Installation includes attaching the machine with expansion bolts, shock rubber gaskets, and washers to dampen vibrations. Ensuring every screw is tightened firmly will stabilize the appliance during its operation.

Step 5: Connect Water and Drainage

Attach the inlet pipe securely to the water faucet using the provided tee and ensure the drain pipe is well-clamped to avoid leaks.

Step 6: Electrical Connection

The washing machine should be connected to the power supply in accordance with AS/NZS electrical safety standards.

Step 7: Final Setup Checks

Conduct a trial run with a small load to ensure everything functions as expected.

Enjoy Clean Clothes On The Road With RV Spares Online

Incorporating the NCE 3.0kg Wall-Mounted Washing Machine into your caravan set-up enhances your travel experience by providing a convenient, space-efficient way to handle laundry on the road. With its robust design, multiple washing settings, and easy installation, it stands out as a top choice for caravan owners looking to blend practicality with the comforts of home.

For further information, take a closer look at this exceptional washing machine, and be sure to explore our full range of caravan appliances today and elevate your caravan living experience with RV Spares Online.