Thetford N3175 Fridge Vent 523mm x 281mm- White

$ 75.00 each incl. GST

In stock

In stock

For those in need of efficient ventilation for their caravan or motorhome, the Thetford Caravan Fridge Vent is an ideal choice.

This vent, suitable for 3-way fridges from 101 litres to 200 litres, promises superior quality, practicality, and durability.

The kit includes the main vent, frame, and template, ensuring a seamless installation experience.

* Superior quality

* Practical in use

* Long durability

Comes in two sections: The outer frame that gets screwed in then the inner vent that covers screws.

Cut out Dimensions :  489mm (L) x 249mm(H)

Overall dimensions: 533mm (L) x 281mm (H)

Thetford number: 63114084

Kit includes

Main vent