Electric Roof Hatch – Dometic Midi Heki LED Skylight Roof Hatch

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The Dometic Electric Midi Heki LED Skylight Electric Roof Hatch with White Edge Dome is a game-changer for RV enthusiasts seeking to elevate their mobile living experience. This innovative hatch comes with a white edged double acrylic glazed dome, providing natural light and fresh air. It features a 700 x 500 mm opening, adjustable darkening and fly screens, and an opening angle of 45 degrees. The LED lights, offering both daylight white and night light blue options, create a cozy interior atmosphere. Its improved aerodynamics reduce noise, enhancing your travel experience. The Dometic Midi Heki Skylight not only connects you to your surroundings but also keeps bugs and direct sunlight out. With the ability to produce white and blue light, it ensures comfortable lighting at all times.
Dimensions product depth 617 mm
Dimensions product height 617 mm
Dimensions product width 846 mm
Dimensions ordered width 700 mm
Dimensions ordered height 500 mm
Net weight 8 kg
Dimensions opening width 585 mm
Dimensions opening height 404 mm
Standard mount. material thickness 1 min 25 mm
Standard mount. material thickness 1 max 29 mm
Possible material thickness 1 min 25 mm
Possible material thickness 1 max 60 mm
Ventilation opening 150.00 cm2
Cut out height 500.00 mm
Cut out width 700.00 mm
Opening angle max 45.00 °
Positions fixed 3