Dometic FreshJet 7 Series Lite – Roof Top Air Conditioner

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The FreshJet 7 Series RV air conditioner features a streamlined design throughout the range, combined with superior cooling performance, optimised airflow, and the quietest operation yet.

The Dometic FreshJet 7 Series Lite is designed for small to medium caravan and campervans and is much smaller and lighter than previous models.

The CleanAir technology ensures circulating air is fresh and clean thanks to the built-in air purification system.

The Series 7 features the next generation of Dometic’s leading inverter technology, Dometic’s most energy efficient range yet, perfect for off-grid adventures.


  • Superior cooling and heating performance. Heating Capacity: 2285W. Cooling Capacity: 2537W
  • Optimised airflow
  • Quiet operation
  • Remote and full Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity, controlled using the Dometic Climate app
  • CleanAir technology
  • Current Consumption Cooling Max (A): 6.9
  • Installation dimensions: 702mm x 752mm x 225mm
  • Suitable for vehicles up to approximately 4.5m (15ft)


  • Dometic number – 9620008762
  • Model: FJX7333IHP
  • Input Voltage (AC), [V] 220-240
  • Input Frequency [Hz] 50/60

Operating Manual: Dometic FreshJet Lite Operating Manual

Installation Manual: Dometic FreshJet Lite Installation Manual