12v Battery Charger – CBE CB522

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In stock

The CBE CB522 12V Battery Mains 230V Charger is a sophisticated charging solution, tailored for motorhome, caravan, and boating sectors. This Switch Mode Battery Charger is capable of charging 12V gel or lead-acid batteries automatically. Its continuous connection capability and the high-frequency switching technology ensure a reduced size and weight, while delivering higher performance. The charger operates in four stages: maximum current charging until the end-charge voltage is reached, a prolonged operation at the end-charge threshold, constant voltage holding, and switching to Stand-by mode after 10 hours, reactivating only when the voltage drops below 13V. This versatile and efficient charger is a must-have for maintaining your 12V batteries in peak condition.

The charging process takes place in four stages:

1) Battery charging with maximum current until the end-charge voltage is reached. NOTE: the end-charge voltage can only be reached if the battery is fully efficient.

2) When the end-charge threshold is reached the battery charger continues to operate for 90 minutes (lead-acid batteries) or 8 hours (lead-gel batteries) with constant voltage.

3) Constant voltage holding at 13.8 V (gel batteries.) or 13.5 V (lead acid batteries.).

4) After 10 hours, the battery charger switches to the Stand-by mode and begins to charge again only when the battery voltage is lower than 13 V.