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On-Demand Water Heater – Suburban Nautilus

$ 1,229.00 each incl. GST

In stock

In stock

The Suburban Nautilus On Demand Water Heater represents the pinnacle of RV water heating technology. Say goodbye to the constraints of limited hot water supplies with this state-of-the-art system. It’s designed for simultaneous use from every fixture, ensuring an infinite supply of hot water for showers, dishes, and even laundry. The Nautilus operates only when hot water is needed, reducing weight and increasing efficiency. Its exclusive 60,000 BTU 2-Stage Modulating Combustion System (MCS) adjusts the LP gas input instantaneously for consistent comfort. Key features include built-in freeze protection, a lightweight design of only 16.3kg (including optional accessories), and a two-year warranty.

Suburban’s NAUTILUS On Demand Water Heater – developed with INDUSTRY-BEST:

  • Exclusive 60,000 BTU Two-Stage Self Modulating Combustion System
  • Built-In Freeze Protection
  • Only 16.3kg Installed (including optional accessories)
  • Two-Year Warranty

The EXCLUSIVE 2-Stage Modulating Combustion System (MCS) Monitors:

  • Inlet water temperature
  • Inlet water flow
  • Output water temperature
  • Combustion air fan speed
  • Heat exchanger & burner operation


  • Check out the catalogue here:Nautilus Hot Water System
    MODEL Nautilus IW60A, 5187A
    MAXIMUM MJ/hr 64 (5) burners

    Self Modulating Combustion System


    Stage 1 Operation: 2 Burners

    Stage 2 Operation: 5 Burners

    Fuel Source Universal LP Gas
    Dry Weight 15 kg with vent assembly

    Optional access panel 2.3 Kg shipping weight

    12 VDC = AMPS 2.1 AMPS
    Operational Voltage Range 10.2 – 14.5 VDC
    MAXIMUM Output Water Temperature 50°C
    Output Water Temperature – Factory Setting 50°C
    Digital Control Center Temperature Range 35° – 50° (C)
    Liters Per Minute (LPM) Required Flow 1.9 LPM
    Freeze Protection Standard
    Warranty 2 – Year
    Product Dimensions 316.6 mm W x 317.8 mm H x 464.9 mm D

    (includes inlet & discharge water lines)


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