CMS Interconnecting Cables – 1700mm

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Only 2 left in stock

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CMS products provide a DIY 240V wiring solution for your RV.

This is a connecting cable that fits all J series CMS products. It comes in various lengths as shown in the title.

Each cable has a female and male end so they cannot be connected incorrectly. Each connection has a security clip that can only be separated by manual manipulation, they will never come adrift within the wall provided they are pushed tight until the clip engages.

The rating of the cables exceeds the 15amp supply provided to RV’s. The number of cables and power points should be limited to either 10 double power points or 12 single power points per circuit, however your electrician may vary this depending of expected loads. For example an electric stove would reduce this number. In any event the circuit will be physically limited to 16amps by the 16amp circuit breaker.

Cables should be longer than the distance between power points. As a general rule allow 300mm extra, but even more will not harm. Remember the cables clip in facing down from the power point within the wall, so branching off to a power point above will require curving the cable back up.

Cables can be joined using a CMS double adapter. See dimensions of double adapters. Each cable end has a cross section of 25mm x 16mm.

Image shown is of a 3000mm cable. The licensed electrician will cut the first cable to insert the 16amp double pole circuit breaker or 16amp RCD as well as connect the earth wire to the chassis.

Cables should not be placed near any sharp edges which may damage the outer sheath. 240V outlets cannot be placed within certain distances of a shower or bath, your electrician can advise. Ensure cables are securely clipped together and inspected by your electrician before completing cladding.

If running power below floor to the other side of the RV it must be enclosed within the chassis or conduit.


  • 1 year warranty.


  • Model: 500-03740, JL17BG
  • Brand: CMS
  • Length: 1700mm
  • Rated to 20amp
  • J series (used in Jayco and Avida)