Aussie Traveller Awning – 4020 x 900 Slide-Out Roof-Mounted Awning

$ 1,129.00 each incl. GST

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Out of stock

Step into the realm of luxury with the Aussie Traveller awning, a retractable solution that offers protection from the rain and the scorching sun. Spanning 4 metres with a 0.9m projection, this awning redefines convenience, allowing you to expand your living space and unwind outdoors with ease. Whether it’s the automatic retraction feature or the tensioning system, every element is designed for optimal performance. Let’s make your journeys memorable – invest in your comfort with Aussie Traveller today!


  • White cassette and fabric colour
  • Automatically retracts with the slide-out
  • Automatically tensions when extended


  • Roof mount cassettes can be applied to all vehicle widths
  • Packers may be required for roof-mounted installations when vehicles have sloping roofs