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ALKO 10 Inch Jockey Wheel with Clamp

$ 169.00 each incl. GST

In stock

In stock

Caravan mobility is redefined with the AL-KO 10 Inch Solid Tyre Jockey Wheel. This innovative equipment, with its robust design and zinc plating, screams durability. The oversized solid rubber tyre, complete with tread, ensures ease of movement across diverse terrains – be it grass, tar, or concrete. The large diameter wheel enhances rolling efficiency, especially on softer grounds. With a massive load-bearing capacity of 400 kg, it’s perfect for big vans or other heavy applications. Included with a standard clamp, it ensures versatility and can fit any standard jockey clamp. Trust in AL-KO’s legacy to provide superior quality and performance.

Alko number: 623650


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